Another jam-packed release from the Libertas Team, has landed.
This time you can enjoy the following updates (big and small in no particular order):

  • Smooth progress bar dragging — drastically improving the experience for users with poor internet connectivity and speeds
  • Loading indicator — showing you when the audio stream is loading
  • Correct aspect ratio and size of all thumbnails — in line with industry standard to facilitate the import process for established content creators
  • Thumbnails now loading strictly and exclusively from IPFS…

Time has flown for the Libertas Team due to how busy we have all been, working on making Libertas VOX the go-to platform for everyone who loves decentralization and for everyone whose voice has been silenced.

We are excited to have great artists upload their material onto Libertas VOX.

Lost in Caravaggio

With recent price increases in the cryptocurrency markets, we have been considering opportunities to leverage our funds for the growth of our project. Our liquidity fund has more than tripled in the recent months and has generated well over $2,500 in fees.

Our current token distribution is:

The majority of the tokens is held by the community, 18% is currently reserved and will be re-distributed to the community in the future (through new CEX listings, OTC and/or collaborations). The team currently holds 10% of the supply while we maintain a 5% Marketing budget in Libertas tokens. In order to avoid…

Today we would like to take a closer look at the Libertas ecosystem and the utility of our token within it. Initially, we created the LIBERTAS token to secure immutability of the data within our platform, however, in recent months we have been exploring additional avenues for rewarding token holders and our early supporters. Let’s start with a simple infographic of various use cases on our platform:

Libertas Ecosystem

To put it briefly, the main priorities of our tokenomics model are:

  • Maintain a steady price increase through deflationary mechanics
  • Enable content creators new ways of…

After listening to our community and after careful consideration, we have decided to implement slight changes to our tokenomics model.

As you may recall, we wanted to reward the top 100 Libertas holders with a proportional share of 4.5% of all the tips sent through our platform. This would of course greatly reward our early adopters, but would potentially discourage newcomers from purchasing Libertas in hopes of getting rewards.

Given that we are interested in the healthy growth and sustainability of our economic model, we decided to introduce staking. Every holder who chooses to stake, will be able to receive…

We have propelled ourselves into 2021 in preparation for the launch of the highly-anticipated upgrade to Libertas Vox.

This week sees a brand new landing page for our platform, featuring easier navigation, categories, tags and AI powered searches.

The player has been revamped with a new, modern design that is in line with today’s aesthetics.

You can find the new UI live on our platform.

Libertas VOX interface
Libertas VOX interface
The new Libertas VOX

Major backend upgrades have also taken place, these will enable us to deliver updates with minimal turnaround via the use of continuous integration and deployment. Our plan is to continue developing and improving every aspect…

In this progress update we would like to share with you what has been happening with the Libertas Project behind closed doors. Recently we have also published an article detailing token economics and our vision for the future of our platform and LIBERTAS token, so please read it for further information.

As many of you know, we have already launched our MVP where users have begun uploading podcasts. You can read our official release announcement here. We have been monitoring performance and stability for any issues and we are proud to say our player is working as intended for the…

Previously, we have spoken about why we believe the world needs censorship-resistant platforms for sharing content freely, and how we are utilising the blockchain to enable free-speech.

Today we would like to take a closer look at the Libertas ecosystem, and the utility of our token within.

Initially we created the LIBERTAS token to secure immutability of the data within our platform, however in recent weeks we have been exploring additional avenues of rewarding token holders as well as our early supporters.

A quick reminder of our token distribution model:

With this model we have attempted to provide our token…

Since launching the Libertas Project in July 2020 we have been busy fulfilling our mission to deliver a censorship resistant — free-speech hybrid platform by utilizing the combined power of the Ethereum blockchain, IPFS and our own custom architecture.

Today we are happy to showcase version 1.0 of Libertas Vox which allows users to publish podcasts through the Libertas Network and distribute them throughout IPFS. The podcasts are converted and split into chunks using our in-house audio processing module for a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. Our DAPP can stream any podcast uploaded by a valid Ethereum wallet. …

After a very busy stretch, we are happy to share the highlights of all the hard work that has been taking place behind the scenes.


Join us in welcoming to the Libertas team Matej Uhrin, who will be utilising his experience gained from global MNCs such as Fidelity and Metlife to focus on the growth of the Libertas ecosystem. He will represent the interest of the token holders with the intention of driving token utility. Matej has been involved professionally with blockchain since 2017 and understands what drives the market.

Libertas Project

Libertas is a decentralized audio and podcast streaming service built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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