Developer Update — March 31st 2021

Libertas Project
4 min readMar 31, 2021

Time has flown for the Libertas Team due to how busy we have all been, working on making Libertas VOX the go-to platform for everyone who loves decentralization and for everyone whose voice has been silenced.

We are excited to have great artists upload their material onto Libertas VOX.

Lost in Caravaggio
Minister of Badness
Love In Colour

Thank you all, keep up the good music!

You can find their tracks on


Uniswap has recently announced they will be releasing V3 of their platform.

This will introduce:

  • Concentrated liquidity
  • Multiple Fee Tiers

These updates will make Uniswap the most flexible and efficient AMM ever designed.



Libertas Project

Libertas is a decentralized audio and podcast streaming service built on the Ethereum Blockchain.