Libertas — The Big Picture

Previously, we have spoken about why we believe the world needs censorship-resistant platforms for sharing content freely, and how we are utilising the blockchain to enable free-speech.


In order to achieve sustainable growth and price increase of the token and therefore reward its long-term holders, we have decided to implement a 1% token burn on every transaction conducted within the ecosystem. This mechanism will ensure that the circulating supply of the tokens will decrease overtime.

Revenue Sharing

In addition to deflationary mechanics, every transaction within the ecosystem directly supporting the content creators through donations, subscriptions or pay-per-view models, will have its revenue (9% of the transaction amount) split equally between the development fund and the top-100 token holders (4.5% each).

Incentive to “Hold”

If LIBERTAS was just a simple transactionary token, we recognise there could potentially have been little incentive for content creators to hold them.
For this reason we will be implementing a way to promote your content using your LIBERTAS, this is not limited to content creators but open to everyone holding any amount of LIBERTAS tokens. Users and content creators will be able to Liberate content using their token balance. This content will then be ranked and published on a separate “Liberated” page. These podcasts will gain the most exposure on the homepage.

Product Offering

Furthermore, we will be extending our product portfolio to bring even more utility into the ecosystem once it matures. Token holders will directly and indirectly benefit from these products. Most notably — advertising and premium memberships. Fees for these services will be distributed between the development fund and the top 100 holders.

Libertas is a decentralized audio and podcast streaming service built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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