Odeum launch

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4 min readJun 28, 2023

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your patience and support during the development of our platform. We are thrilled to announce that we have deployed Odeum v1.0.0-alpha, and we cannot wait for you to see the exciting updates we have in store for you!

At present, our streaming platform primarily caters to podcasters and indie artists, providing them with a space to share their creative works with the world. In the near future, we will introduce a new feature that allows listeners to tip any artist they enjoy, providing a way to support and show appreciation for their favourite content creators.

Odeum homepage

During the long wait for our product, we have worked tirelessly to ensure the inclusion of all essential features, creating a functional platform where both our existing community and newcomers can freely express themselves and enjoy the work of others. Let’s delve into the details of what we have been up to.


Our login feature has undergone significant upgrades to enhance security and user-friendliness. On Odeum’s current release, you can log in with Metamask, and your account will seamlessly integrate. Furthermore, you can conveniently view and update your account information and access your wallet address in the header, along with your connected account profile picture.


We have streamlined the process of uploading podcasts, music, and audiobooks by introducing a simple form that enables you to upload your content within minutes. This feature is particularly beneficial for podcasters and indie artists, as it facilitates the sharing of their content with their fans.


Our homepage has undergone several enhancements to provide users with a more intuitive and engaging navigation experience. We have implemented an API that retrieves content based on its category, showcasing the most recent podcasts, artists, music, and audiobooks. Clicking or tapping on each piece of content now takes you directly to the play page. Additionally, we have incorporated “view more” buttons, allowing users to explore each content category on its dedicated page, alongside a convenient sidebar navigation feature.

Play page



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Libertas is a decentralized audio and podcast streaming service built on the Ethereum Blockchain.