Unveiling the Future of Odeum: Tipping and Staking Updates You’ll Love

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4 min readAug 9, 2023

We are absolutely stoked to have you on this journey with us. Your support and patience mean the world to us. Today, we’re announcing some updates that we’re beyond excited about, and we want you to know first-hand what’s cooking.

Tipping and Staking: Because You Make the Difference

From the very beginning, Odeum has been about creators and listeners coming together. It’s a place where talents are celebrated and stories are shared. Now, we’re adding an extra layer of awesomeness with our brand-new tipping feature.

Imagine being able to send a virtual high-five, a digital thumbs-up, or a “Hey, you’re amazing!” directly to your favourite podcasters and artists. That’s what tipping is all about. It’s our way of letting you show your love and appreciation to the folks who fill your days with great content.

And here’s the kicker — tipping isn’t just about giving; it’s about participating. We’re introducing staking, a chance for you to contribute to Odeum’s growth while enjoying some perks along the way.

Testing the Waters on the Fantom Test Network

Innovation is our jam, but we know it needs to be rock-solid too. So, we’ve taken our new Odeum token, staking contract, and tipping contract and given them a test run on the Fantom Test Network. This way, we can iron out any kinks before we roll out these features for real.

Your security and a smooth experience are non-negotiables. By testing things out first, we’re making sure that when you tap that “tip” button, it’s a seamless, secure experience from start to finish.

Tipping Demystified: It’s Easier than Ever

You might be wondering how all this works. Well, it’s as simple as pie:

Find content that tugs at your heartstrings: You know that podcast episode that made you laugh uncontrollably or that track that you’ve had on repeat? That’s the one.

Give the “tip” button a friendly click: It’s like giving a virtual high-five to the creator. Just a couple of clicks, and you’re good to go.

Odeum tipping box
Dialog box is in alpha development, not final version

Wave the green flag in MetaMask: Your MetaMask wallet is like your personal security guard. It ensures that your tip goes where it’s meant to go when you Approve the transaction — no detours.

Metamask confirmation box

Victory dance — your tip is on its way! Your appreciation is on its way to the creator. They’ll feel the love, and you’ll know you’ve made someone’s day.


As you can see from the transaction log above, all those who were staking on the platform during the test have now received 10% proportionally of the tip. Yep, you read that right — it’s revenue sharing time! This is our way of saying a big thank you for being an awesome part of our network. Your participation truly makes Odeum what it is.

You can also see that 9% of the tip went to the Team to continue business development and 1% was burnt forever, thus incorporating deflationary mechanics.

We’ve made sure this process is as easy as sharing a smile. From finding that amazing content to sending your appreciation, it’s all about making your experience seamless and fun.

Before we sign off, we want to give you a massive shout-out. Your feedback, your passion, and your energy have been our driving force. These new features? They’re a result of our community coming together, sharing ideas, and believing in the power of podcasts and music.

But we’re not stopping here.

What’s coming next

We’re taking these exciting updates even further. Our next steps involve integrating the staking contracts into the front end. At the same time, we’re creating a new info-site for Odeum and launching the new token onto the Fantom Live Network. Current Libertas holders, get ready for something special — we’ll be distributing the new tokens to you.

Also, we’re gearing up to manage the liquidity pool. While we’re at it, we’ll be prepping to put it back down on the Fantom side.
You’re probably wondering when all this is happening, right? We’ll keep you posted on the exact date and time through our Telegram channel. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued support!



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